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Welcome families!

Thank you for your interest in this series and for the want to help, guide and support your child through these sometimes tender and confusing years.

Sister Moon is slowly evolving into a new embodiment to make sure it is equipped to support all girls, non-binary and questioning youth who need a safe space to ask questions and get honest answers.

Thank you for trusting me with the honor of witnessing your child evolve into themselves.

A little bit about me...

I am a watery, queer, scorpio, who loves color, movement and supporting youth towards their truest embodiments.

I am a successful, self-employed Sonoma County resident who owns two local, heart-centered businesses:  Alma Rising Doula Care, and this amazing Series.


In 2014, I began to delve into my deep calling to become a Doula and immersed myself in books learning all that I could about the body, reproductive health and justice.  After researching the complexities and wonderment of birth, I soon realized I was unable to talk about anything else! She also started to deeply realize that she as well as so many others in her life knew very little about our own bodies and some, if not all of us, held some past and/or current shame surrounding our menstrual cycles and changing bodies. Months later, self-motivated education transformed into formal education, as Bethany attended a local Doula training and begin the journey to become a certified Doula. After almost a year of training, Bethany was certified through Doula Trainings International as a Birth & Postpartum Doula in 2016 and she has been supporting families in Sonoma County ever since.

Bethany Gurrola
Creatress of Sister Moon

At the time of my certification, I had no idea where else my Doula practice would guide me to creating, but I knew I needed to some how bring my knew found knowledge and tools to the youth in my community. I wanted to find a way to support them through the intense transitional time of puberty and teenage years so they can be strong resilient adults in the future. Helping them find tangible, healthy and safe ways to support THEIR growth and THEIR passions, while simultaniously learning the importance and power of connection, language and how we talk to ourselves and others can effect our mindset.

This meant I needed to create a safe space, a container; to share, learn, create, support and encourage the bright lights that live inside of us from day one that sometimes seems to get dimmed with the struggles and pressures of growing up in todays world. 

After accumulating a large stack of books from topics on puberty, reproductive health in teens, communication skills and body image and listening to endless podcasts, as well as having numerous conversations with mentors, parents and peers, I was sitting outside one day in early spring 2016, when a name bloomed inside of my head...

And Sister Moon was born.

Sister Moon was created to support and lift up the amazing and bright young humans of the future...for they will help carry on these important teachings and tools of inner strength and self love. A lot of the topics that are gone over during the series were pulled from current topics and events going on in our every day lives as well as basic information I felt every growing young human should know during this huge transformational time in their lives. This series was hugely based off what I wish I had growing up as a hormonal young pre-teen and teen.

Another big part of the series I wanted to include was supporting parents in helping their children navigate this sometimes confusing and emotional journey of puberty and growing up. Next to holding space for the youth during this series...holding space and being able to be a listening ear for parents is one of my biggest honors. This part of the series is what I am hoping to grow and turn into a deeper resource.

I really hope that Sister Moon continues to spread throughout the county and maybe one day the world, to help reach every growing child and family who may need it.

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