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A Series For Youth
9-12 & 13-15
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Coming Soon!

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During This Series, The Goal For Your Growing Child Will Be To:


- Learn About The Cycles Of Their Body 

- Build Confidence & Set Goals In A Safe Space

- Make Symbolic Crafts & New Friends

- Learn The Importance Of Self-Care & Consent

Have you been looking for a way for your child to learn about the different cycles of their body, learn the importance of consent, set goals and make new friends? Or has your child been wanting a deeper connection with family or themselves? 


Sign up for my 6 week Sister Moon Circle Series where your child has the opportunity to learn creative and healthy ways of expressing ever-changing emotions, goals and dreams. This 6 week series will be filled with connection, crafts, laughter, music, knowledge and delicious snacks! We will fill each circle session with a mixture of education and fun with an additional sentimental craft for every day we meet. I am hoping to touch on many topics that come up throughout these sensitive and important years and match them with fun crafts to create a space where your curious young humans feel comfortable to share and ask questions to myself or their peers. We will explore the many ways that people navigate through their emotions and discuss the differences between healthy and less healthy ways to express them. Your child will learn to be a peer and support others around them while still holding space for themselves.

The topics we will be covering throughout the series will include:

- Self care tips and rituals 

- Healthy outlets and exercises for expressing emotions 

- Discussing the natural parts and functions of our bodies and correct anatomy names

- Menstrual cycles & energy cycles we go through during each month

- Issues that arise in friendships and family relationships

- The importance and power of consent


My hope is to create a natural and more comfortable conversation about topics that are sometimes known for being embarrassing for adults and kids. We will discuss ideas and ways to making sure they feel the confidence to find and use their voice in all types of situations, how important it is to always dream big and believe in yourself as well as the importance of showing up and doing your best for yourself and others in all aspects of life.

I will be holding a parent info night about the series where you can meet me and ask me any questions about the series, contribute any topics you believe are also important to touch base on, and also to meet each other and talk about how you found this series and your reasons for signing your young adults up. I encourage father's or fatherly figures to come and be a part of the conversation as well, for you are a huge part of creating a safe and natural conversation around honoring and respecting ALL bodies and the natural cycles and phases they go through.

The fun and more craft driven part of the series is what I hope will be the glue to help the information and empowerment stick. The crafts we will be doing during our 6 week series include:

- Hand rolled Intention candles

- Admiration letters to ourselves or someone that inspires us

- Decorating and writing in personal journals

- Self Love Jars

- Aromatherapy pillows & anointing oil


My dear friend and certified yoga instructor, Ahna Straube, will be joining us throughout the series for small sequences of heart opening yoga poses to help teach your child ways to ground and center themselves when on their own, with breathe and meditation. 

Each attendee will be receiving a goody bag at the end of our series that will have wonderful treats such as:

- Handmade beeswax candles

- A Sister Moon Pen

- Local & Handmade Body Butter

- Flash Tattoos, Stickers & More!

My reasoning behind creating this series was to have a support system available to the youth in my community that I wish I had or had been a part of when I was growing up. Even with having an amazingly supportive and encouraging mother, it would have been so great to have someone or a group of kids my age who I felt comfortable to talk about and ask questions to about my changing body. I want to teach girls and young adults to embrace the changes that come with growing up and find the ways that work for them to feel confident and good about themselves. 

You are doing a great job and this can only help you get closer to your daughter. Thank you for being the support and guiding light that she needs and deserves.

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