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What Is Sister Moon?

Sister Moon is a 6 week series for girls between the ages of 9 and 12 and 13 and 15. Each circle has a different theme and topic for the day which then blends into the craft or movement for the day. Bethany had an amazing and strong mother who taught her what she knew about the changes that puberty may bring, but as a young girl, you don't always want to go to your parents for answers to questions that can sometimes seem embarassing. Bethany believes it would have been so wonderful to have a safe space to ask questions and learn about the inner workings of what was going on in her body, so she took it upon herself to create it. Now as a grown woman, Bethany realizes her mama did the best she could with what she was taught through her childhood and upbringing and through this series, one of Bethany's goals is to empower your daughters and YOU to be able to have these safe and normal conversations about bodies and their natural functions and jobs. It is so important for your daughters to know their bodies and love their bodies truly.

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